Web Hosting Comparison

We've sorted through some of the best web hosts on the planet and created direct web hosting comparisons to help you narrow down your pick. We know you have lots of decisions to make, so we've done our best to make it easy. Get your next host to light your fire! 🔥

WP Engine vs SiteGround Hosting

Introduction Blogging has become a huge business in recent years, and millions of bloggers need a hosting service that caters to their needs. WP Engine (WPE) is well known for their prices and plans and is a favorite for a lot of bloggers. SiteGround has become one of...

WP Engine vs iPage: Which is Better?

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WP Engine vs Hostgator: Which is Better?

Our ongoing mission is to bring you the best hosting comparisons on the web, and our next installment pits our favorite WordPress host with one of the top sites in the industry: Hostgator. Before we can dive into our review, however, we have to provide some disclosure...

WP Engine vs GoDaddy

If you're comparing GoDaddy to WP Engine, you're comparing apples to oranges. GoDaddy is all about discount pricing, at scale. WP Engine is a much higher quality, WordPress specific service. Yes, GoDaddy now offers their Managed WordPress Hosting, but it's more of a...

WP Engine vs DreamHost Hosting

Introduction Finding a good hosting site for your own website can be difficult, especially when you don’t know what to look for. WP Engine (WPE) is an excellent place to start, and comes highly recommended by a lot of people.  DreamHost is also a great choice for...

WP Engine vs Bluehost

Introduction If you have been looking to find a host for your website because you do not have one or you are looking to upgrade to a new one, it can be helpful to know all of the options that are available to you. You want to make sure that you can find a host that...

Squarespace vs WP Engine: Which is Better?

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SiteGround vs. HostGator

  I'll be honest, SiteGround is my #1 recommended host. It's the perfect combo of price, features, and support. Almost nothing else comes close for 90% of site owners. BUT...maybe you're looking for something else? Both SiteGround and HostGator some some of the...

SiteGround vs. Bluehost

  Choosing between SiteGround and Bluehost is an interesting comparison. Bluehost is a cheap, mass market host that's slowly added some better features, but still misses the mark on some quality standards. SiteGround was built with care and customer service from...

SiteGround vs GoDaddy Hosting: Which is Better for You?

  So you've narrowed it down to SiteGround vs Godaddy. Both decent choices! It's a tough call. It really depends on where you're at in life and what your priorities are. If you've got to pay the absolute rock bottom prices for now, well GoDaddy's got a screaming...

How should you compare web hosts?

If you’re choosing a host for the first time, it can be overwhelming to try to figure out what you should be comparing web hosts on

Do you compare only by price?

By customer support

By largest disk space?

It’s really tough, since the features, wants, needs are different for everyone. Let’s highlight a few.

1) Compare web hosts on value not price

You shouldn’t compare web hosts just purely on the price.

If you’ve literally got $2 a month you can afford for hosting, well, maybe you’ll just have to go with that. But if you can swing a few more dollars, there’s a world of other things to compare that go into value beyond just price.

Price = the raw $ amount that the hosting will cost you

Value = what you actually get for that price

Let’s use a hypothetical situation, you have two options:

  1. Web host A costs $3 a month, but you can only host one website, are only allowed 100 visitors a month, and you don’t get email hosting
  2. Web host B costs $5 a month, but you can host unlimited websites, can have unlimited traffic, and it comes with email hosting

What’s a better value? Clearly it’s web host B.

2) Customer service for hosting is king

If you’re not an experience developer or techy, you’re going to need the customer service at a hosting company.

In fact, if you look at all the bad web hosting reviews, the #1 thing that comes up is customer service.

People get royally pissed off if the customer service takes 45 minutes to get on chat.

In fact, good customer service from a hosting company can more than make up for lower quality features, speed, and uptime.

3) Check the uptime percentages

It’s one of the most basic things you want in a host: that the website is actually live.

Ideally your web host would have 100% uptime. But that’s statistically impossible (I think).

So it’s really, really important to check uptime percentages with a hosting company. The good ones will release these stats for you. The bad ones will try to hide it.

In reality, 99% uptime is not that good. It means your website will be down for 87.6 hours a year. That’s not good enough for me.

Look for hosts with 99.999999% uptime.

Other hosting features to compare

There are so many things to compare, it’s bewildering, here’s just a few of them:

  • Bandwith
  • Storage space
  • Site speed
  • WordPress support
  • SSL certificates
  • Caching tools

The list goes on. What you need to do is create a list of your business needs and thoroughly research what’s best for you!